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Rachelle Mellieon For over 10 years, Rachelle has acquired an extensive background working as a psychotherapist in a wide array of populations within the San Antonio area including homeless shelters, churches, private office.  Her niche is with the Christian/Faith-Based approach, as well as a specialization in Couples Counseling, Eating Disorder populations (and those struggling with Body Image) and working with Mood and Anxiety disorders. 

In addition, with training in Applied Behavioral Analysis and a heavy background with ASD populations,  Rachelle has served as a Behaviorist utilizing ABA tools before ultimately pursuing counseling full-time.  This uniquely colorful background has equipped Rachelle to bring some of the most highly effective strategies into her sessions.

At its core, Rachelle believes that a majority of life's challenges boil down to matters of the heart. That's right, it's a heart condition!  Whether it is coping with past trauma, grief and loss, or feelings of hopelessness or anxiety, Rachelle believes in finding those unique strengths, and at times, deeply hidden wounds,  digging down to the inner core, and gently guiding a person along their own journey towards a healing and growth of mind, body, and spirit.  For those seeking to combine the clinical and the spiritual, Rachelle has a special heart for pastoral counseling. She passionately serves as a minister and Director of Christian Counseling at her local church, and she enjoys  reading and relaxation in her spare time. 

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